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    Extruded PTFE Rod

    Extruded PTFE Rod

    Extruded PTFE rod is manufactured by high pressure PTFE dispense resin mixed with additive, it is extruded and sintered. According to different demands, the rod could be opaque or translucent. The inherent low loss and dielectric constant of PTFE rods make it an insulating material for wires and cables. Its porous structure can reduce losses and distortion to a minimum, and has thermal stability and flexibility. PTFE rods are still an outstanding material for filling media and are widely used in many challenging areas such as telecommunications, computers, defense, and aviation.

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  • Moulded PTFE Rod

    Moulded PTFE Rod

    Moulded PTFE Rod is another type of the PTFE rod. It is moulded from 100% virgin PTFE. Its charactristics are similar with the extruded PTFE rod. But the diameter is 55~350mm. And the length is 100~300mm.

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  • Bronze Filled PTFE Products

    Bronze Filled PTFE Products

    Bronze Filled PTFE is one of the modified PTFE products. It has good charactristics by filled with the Bronze Powder. It increases hardness and compressive strength whilst also increasing thermal and electrical conductivity. Mainly used for compressor industry, seals etc.

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