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  • High quality Expanded PTFE sealing gasket
  • High quality Expanded PTFE sealing gasket
  • High quality Expanded PTFE sealing gasket
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Expanded PTFE Gasket FF
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It belongs to the expanded PTFE gasket. It is used for FF flange. High quality, good price and good characteristics make our gasket having a good market in the world. We can manufacure the special size according to your drawing.

Expanded Ptfe Gasket FF 


It is similar to the ePTFE gasket RF, Expanded Ptfe Gasket FF is cut from from the expanded PTFE sheet and used in the FF flange. 

PTFE Full Face Gasket is made 100% pure PTFE gasket material. Bolt circle diameter, hole diameter, and bolt holes are made from laser cutting or die cutting as custom drawing as well as ensure the excellent quality meets all of ASME B16.21. DIN2690. JIS standard. 

Full Face Gasket has a flange surface in the same level as the bolting circle face , and bolts pass through holes for the fixation, also Ti good to locate it on the flange as well as quick installation. 


PTFE gasket is a new type of sealing product, which can replace gaskets, gaskets and other sealing products. It is a very novel and unique sealing material manufactured by unique processing technology. Good sealing performance, easy installation and use, it is an ideal sealing material for chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food and beverage, electronics, power, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other industries.


1. A wide range of applications for all types of flanges

2. Gasket easy cut maked

3. Higher temperature

4. Multi-directionally expanded PTFE has exceptional mechanical strength

5. Higher temp than other PTFE sheet

6. Cost savings

7. High quality - long life - reduce changing gasket period - cut cost

8. Easy and simple to install gaskets, a used gasket changed easily

9. Large sizes

10. Offers some of the largest sheet sizes in the industry

11. sizes from 1/2'' - 24'' available, welcom Custom gaskets

12. Materials Standard

13. FDA 21 CFR 177.1550

14. High quality raw material resin


Wooden Cases or Cartons, we can supply air and sea transportation


Pressure: ≤10Mpa

Working Temperature: -260℃- +250℃

Press: 0-20.0Mpa

Density: 0.75g/cm³

PH: 0-14

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ROHS Test Report
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ROHS Certificate
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