High quality Expanded PTFE Teflon Gasket promotions customized

  • High quality Expanded PTFE Gasket,Teflon Gasket
  • High quality Expanded PTFE Gasket,Teflon Gasket
  • High quality Expanded PTFE Gasket,Teflon Gasket
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Expanded PTFE Gasket RF
  • Ningbo
  • 2-3 weeks
  • 1000 kg per month

Expanded PTFE gasket RF is a common sealing products. Our PTFE gasket has a big advantage in quality and price. We have lots of customers in the world. Free samples and price list is available.

Expanded Ptfe Gasket RF


100% PTFE resistant to all corrosive media. Soft,twistable and bendable, used continue their service and keep its best performance. Excellent anti-wriggle variation ability and cold current resistance. Even in case of cross change of temperature and pressure, good sealing can be assured.

It is divided into RF and FF type according to the flange.

Raised Face gasekt is the common type as usual. It surfaces are raised above the bolting circle face. And this face type designs for kinds of gasket such as spiral would gasket, ring joint gasket, non-asbestos gasket and more.



PTFE gaskets, with their excellent performance, have replaced PTFE sealing tapes and other sealing material sealing tapes, which are increasingly welcomed and widely used by various types of sealing industry. It can effectively eliminate all kinds of mechanical equipment, fuel tank end caps, cylinder end caps, gear box end caps, various pipeline flanges, devices, storage and transportation containers, towers, tanks, especially non-metallic industrial production facilities. Leakage and enhanced sealing effectiveness are effective tools for industrial production enterprises and related industries to solve the "run, run, drip, leak" of gas and liquid media and cure the leak.


1.     Food grade gasket

2.     Low friction property

3.     Highest physical and electrical insulation properties

4.     Exhibiting extreme resistance chemical and solvents

5.     Approved FDA


Material: 100% virgin PTFE

Pressure: ≤10 Mpa

Working Temperature: -260℃- +250℃

Press: 0 - 20.0 Mpa

Density: 0.75 g/cm³

PH: 0 - 14

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ROHS Certificate
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Reach Test Report
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