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  • High quality Expanded PTFE Sheet
  • High quality Expanded PTFE Sheet
  • High quality Expanded PTFE Sheet
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Expanded PTFE Sheet 1500*4500mm
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The Expanded PTFE sheet of 1500*4500mm is also available. The package is rolled and put in a carton. The ePTFE sheet is a good material of cutting gaskets. We have a big stock for the expanded PTFE sheets. So if you have urgent demands, we can give you a short delivery.

Expanded PTFE Sheet 1500*4500mm


Expanded PTFE Sheet 1500*4500mm is the same as the size in 1500*1500mm and 1500*3000mm. It is also a universal gasket sheet material. The ePTFE sheet is made out of biaxial oriented expanded PTFE.

Expanded PTFE sheet is an ideal corrosion-resistant material. Due to its high chemical stability, through the study of processing technology, Teflon board is more and more widely used in industry, and it can resist almost all commonly used materials. Strongly corrosive, hydroxy-oxidizing chemicals and resistant to high temperatures.

Expanded PTFE sheet was first developed for the needs of national defense and cutting-edge technology, and then gradually extended to civilian use. Its use involves many aspects of aerospace and civil use. At present, it has become an indispensable material in its application field.


1.     Does not shape changing under compression
2.     Easy to cut or punch
3.     Suitable also for enamel flanges and/or vessels
4.     Compensates for irregularities and/or damages on the flange faces
5.     Has all inherent advantages of pure PTFE


1.     Used in petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical industries

2.     Seal nearly all aggressive chemicals 0-14 PH

3.     Various kinds of flanges and vessel mouths

4.     Paper industry and medical equipments

5.     Pneumatic and water systemss

6.     Steam

7.     Pump., etc.


g/cm³0.7 - 0.8 
-268~280, Melt 320
Tensile strengthMPa≥10, F-152
Compressive strengthMPa≤140mpa (GB/T20671.2)
Recovery  (35mpa load)
11.61%(T=3mm) (GB/T20671.2)F-36

68.32%(T=3mm) (GB/T20671.5)F-38
Nitrogen -seal(ml/hr-17.25mpa)
0.16(T=3mm)Internal Pressure 4Mpa(JB/T10688)
DIN 3535-4
Nitrogen -seal(ml/hr-35mpa)
0.0037(T=3mm)Internal Pressure 4Mpa(JB/T10688)
DIN 3535-4

0 - 14 


Length × Width (mm)Thickness (mm)
1500 × 4500 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10

Package: Packed by carton box by roll

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Expanded PTFE FDA Certificate
Expanded PTFE FDA Certificate
ROHS Certificate
ROHS Certificate
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